National Property Buyers is one of the UK Fast Sale Companies. We specialise in helping people to move on with their lives by buying their homes quickly for cash.

Of course, as one of the biggest in our business, our company has a professional reputation to maintain, a reputation which is based on openness, honesty and finding the best tailor-made solution to meet your needs, whatever your situation.  Not only do we demonstrate our commitment to our clients through respect and sensitivity, but by treating them fairly, which means offering them the best possible price for their homes.


Selling a home, at any time and under any circumstances, is a frightening experience for everyone. At National Property Buyers, we understand, however, that selling a home quickly raises additional concerns and, sadly, one of the most significant of these is whether you can even trust the people you are dealing with, we will make the process clear and keep you informed every step of the way.

It is for these reasons that so many homeowners use our service. They know that instead of having to waste precious time and effort agonising over whether they have made the right choice of agent, buyer or investors, they can concentrate on their other immediate concerns, trusting in a solution which has been tailor-made to suit them and, more importantly, in the reputation and integrity of the company that they are dealing with.

Our clients also appreciate the frankness and honesty they receive when dealing with us. We always explain and try to ascertain if they may be able to secure a higher selling price on the open market, but if time is their limiting factor, we will pay the best possible price for their property. We understand that the only way our business will continue to succeed is by dealing openly and fairly with our clients at all times.


National Property Buyers understand that every moment lost causes you even greater worry. Not only can you forget about how soon the estate agent will arrange viewings, we will handle the sales process for you, booking inspections and making sure the process is dealt with in fastest possible time.

We will deal with lenders and solicitors to make sure all parties are kept updated of the process and have all the documentation they need to complete the sale of your property.

Not only that, but we will buy any house, in any location, and in any condition, so there are no sleepless nights over whether you ought to have had the electrics checked or attended to that damp patch on the bathroom wall or any cosmetics.

What you can expect from us is the peace of mind of a fast decision so that you know precisely where you stand and can move on accordingly. We will provide you with a fair valuation and speedy completion.

Money when it matters most.

Whether you need the cash to move forward with your life within a few days or a few months, National Property Buyers are here to help. We understand that being in a hurry to sell may leave you feeling vulnerable, but our commitment to securing the very best deal for you, the seller, means that you can rest assured that you could not have done better elsewhere.