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Just a fewquestions about your home...


Could you select from the below box what isyour reduced offer starting amount you will agree in principle with?

As we have explained to you the more cash buyers who view your property details the greater the opportunity of receiving a higher offer in return.

We have confidence in saying this because the cash buyers know that ONLY the highest offer will be presented to you.

Please note that at each of these Amount figures is shown against 15% / 20% / 25% /30% of the Market value price of your property given by your self, that the amount you see which appears is calculated at the minimum amount that any cash buyer has to enter for your home. Hence encourage higher offers when they know they are against other buyers.

Is the property Lease or Freehold
If Lease: Years Remaning
Number baths
Number toilets
Number receptions
Year built
Central heating
Double glazed
Build stucture

Ground Rent £
Service Charge £
Local Authority
Ex Council / Hsg.Assoc.
Is Property In a Block?
if so , are more than 50% Privatly owned
Is your property above a shop?
if so, how many floors?
if so, Which floor?

Condition of lounge
Condition of Kitchen
Condition of Bathroom
Condition of w/c

Condition of Bedroom 1
Condition of Bedroom 2
Condition of Bedroom 3
Condition of Bedroom 4

Condition of Outbuilding
Condition of Garden
How arrived at
Mortgage payment £
Type of mortgage
Mortgage Lender
Mortgage arrears £
Facing Reposession

Are you aware of any Damp
Are you aware of any Subsidence
Are you aware of any Fire Damaged

Preferred Time scales for completion

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