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Could you select from the below box what is your reduced offer starting amount you will agree in principle with?

Please note when you pick a 10% discount ONLY this is linked to completing the sale in a minimum of 28 days or as close as possible.

10% will not attract a cash buyer and therefore the sales process will take longer.

A higher-value discount starting point will attract more cashbuyer investors.

The more cash buyers who view your property details, the greater the opportunity of receiving a higher offer in return.

As we have explained to you the more cash buyers who view your property details the greater the opportunity of receiving a higher offer in return.

We have confidence in saying this because the cash buyers know that ONLY the highest offer will be presented to you.

Please note that at each of these Amount figures is shown against 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% /30% of the Market value price of your property given by your self, that the amount you see which appears is calculated at the minimum amount that any cash buyer has to enter for your home. Hence encourage higher offers when they know they are against other buyers.

Is the property Lease or Freehold
If Lease: Years Remaning
Number baths
Number toilets
Number receptions
Year built
Central heating
Double glazed
Build stucture

Condition of lounge
Condition of Kitchen
Condition of Bathroom
Condition of w/c

Condition of Bedroom 1
Condition of Bedroom 2
Condition of Bedroom 3
Condition of Bedroom 4

Condition of Outbuilding
Condition of Garden
How Evaluation Arrived at
Monthly Mortgage payment £
Type of
Mortgage Lender
Mortgage Arrears £
Facing Reposession

Are you aware of any Damp
Are you aware of any Subsidence
Are you aware of any Fire Damage

Electrical Installation Certificate
Energy Performance Certificate
Landlord Gas Safey Certificate

Property Vacant
Would you like to speak to a Consultant

Preferred Time scales for completion

You can withdraw the sale of your property at any time by emailing our team at as long as it is within the 14-day cooling-off period. The 14-day cooling-off period notice must be read in conjunction with the T&Cs . This is your responsibility.

If the service you have signed up for has not started then you will not be charged.

If you have agreed to work starting inside the 14-day cooling-off period then you accept responsibility to cover all costs incurred to the point of your cancellation in writing to the above email address.

We cannot move forward with any sales process unless you have an up-to-date EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) /EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate).

If you have purchased any services such as EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) or EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate) which have been completed, there will be NO REFUND . However, you will be given a copy of the relevant certificates for your records and use going forward.

There will be an administration cancellation fee of £100 if we have started any advertising or promotion, otherwise, NO charge will be made.

We request that you give us your instructions regarding the cooling-off period start date
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