Thank You.

Now that you are ready to place your property on the market you will be given two options to tell all prospective buyers when you will allow them to visit your home.

1/ We start with you giving us all the days and times your property can be viewed.
2/ We will provide these to the buyers for them to be given the option to add their name to the date and time they wish to visit your home.
3/ These details will be emailed to you to make you aware of who is visiting your home and at what time.
4/ These visitors will have all been vetted by us so check that the people who turn up at your home have some I.D. to confirm the booking.
5/ If (YOU) will be covering these viewings then the Open Day service is not required.
6/ We will send emails and texts confirming any time slot which is booked if you cover the viewings or if bookings are made on an Open Day.
7/ We will send reminders to all parties involved confirming the booking times.
8/ If you need to cancel any slots then all you need to do is follow the cancellation process.

When you log into the appointment system you will see a calendar with empty boxes. You just need to tick the box against the times for dates you are available to cover.

You can always go back into the calendar and add more times/dates if you wish.The rest of the spaces will be blocked out on each completion.

Or, you can purchase the service called Open Day Cover. If you are unable to cover viewings yourself then we can offer this service to you at the charge shown for the time slot on display.

Once you have purchased the Open Day Cover viewing service you will follow the above process in the same way to confirm which dates and times you want them to cover. Click Here

Alternatively, you can purchase our professional photo service as explained in detail in a previous email sent to you. Remember Why Should I Be Doing This?

1/ Grab more attention with these professional photos.
2/ Get 5X more click-throughs when you purchase the enhanced photos service.
3/ Get more enquiries as a result of your photos standing out.
4/ Achieve 2% to 5% extra on sale price
5/ Sell 24 days quicker
6/ Are 31% more likely to sell

All we need from you is the time and date that the professional photos can be taken.

Also, pick the professional photo service of your choice.

Someone from our professional photo service company will contact you to confirm the booking.
The company has been fully vetted by us and those who visit your home will have some I.D. to confirm who they are and the booking.

You can purchase of the professional photo/Floor plans service: Click Here